Colca Canyon

The Trip Up


Taking a bus up to the Colca Canyon. Heading to Chivay and then to Yanque where we will stay 2 nights.

Later that day, nice hike outside of Yanque with a great guide , Fredie , hiking through terraced farmland and old ruins to wind up at a cool bath house along a river.


At Condor Cross

“Swoop and Pummel”

Yanque Plaza

At The Killawasi Lodge: Fredy, Awesome guide and Jose, lodge manager practicing their throws with their new disc.

2 thoughts on “Colca Canyon

  1. When in the heck does Gus go to school? Seems like you are traveling and sightseeing the whole time. How will he learn a thing? (ha!) This is a fabulous experience for all of you. What a deal to share this with your kid!


  2. He’s kind of got it made because his school started here March 3 and we’d been traveling for over a month by then, so most, if not ALL of these photos are from before school starting. Now he’s into the grind, full-time: 7am-4:20pm..makes for a long day! and all but 1 class is in spanish. Plus he interprets for us on the side! (taxi’s banks, bus stations, markets, restaurants, etc.) He’s counting the days till real summer.


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