stranger things



IMG_6906Day 8 - Cusco-9257


WARNING: this one is not pretty-
Movies: This is a favorite treat of Gus’s and early on we were looking for ways to improve his mood, so we’d sit in 2 hour long movies where we literally had NO IDEA what was happening on the screen, but Gus was laughing his butt off! It was worth every penny!

They do it differently and I think we should mimic it in the US. When you arrive and pay you choose your seat on a screen, (if you knew how to, you could’ve done this at home before you left). It’s traditional to get soda and a meal and/or ‘pocor’, Peruvian slang for popcorn, but they only have salt- no butter (what!). You carry it on a large tray which attaches to your seat which is pretty slick once you figure it out. Cliff had a hard time at first… “clean-up on row 8”.


It’s 100% humidity and a bazillion degrees yet this sign…
Yummy but looks like its from mars


I shy away from these now due to the slivers I get for weeks.




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