The CLUB, pronounced clube, like tube.

Ooh my, this place has been both our savior and our bane. Given that you risk your life to try to jog here and that this place is 2 blocks from our house, AND our host family are members, we decided to “apply” to the CLUB International. Gus was SUPER psyched because they have archery! and some kids playing soccer, etc., so we went in with our passports and money. Oh no, you silly, we need to see your :

  • 1). marriage license
  • 2). notarized document proving you are a family (different last names)
  • 3).letter from our host family
  • 4). letter from our spanish class teacher/business owner and
  • 5). notarized passport to be on permanent record there.                                                       For a 3 month membership! Marriage license? I literally have no idea where it is…do I even have one? I was married by a distinctly not-traditional woman that I think held some license to marry us?

Anywho, after 6-7 attempts and rejections, they accepted us as members and so we try to go most days, just to upset them. Naw, we’ve now become a bit of a fixture around Arequipa, and the CLUB. People don’t stare quite as long and we’ve actually made a couple of friends. But the Club… not sure these are my people, then again, how would I know given my spanish? I do know that I love yoga on T/H  and think of my sweet yoga friends, Theresa, Alessandra, Paté and others. I love the way I feel when PUMP is over and Cliff likes the safety of the track. I love that Gus is taking Archery and Kung Fu and he can walk there safely. But the vibe is a bit too elite for me. I’m really looking forward to a nice bike ride or a jog on Mount Tabor.

from entry about a 8 min walk classes and yes people have high heeled sneakers.
This sits among the weight machines, I couldn’t figure this out for weeks, then Cliff told me: for arm wrestling
poolside restaurants (~6?)
Beautiful clay courts for tennis, not that we play.
I put this in there because you can almost see the club from our house, it’s 10 min walk, tops. and check out Mt. Misti!
View from the track, look at the mountains
one of many classes…spin. I have NOT taken spin. Oh, and they have SO many dance class options  its crazy and it’s packed and super loud, really fun.


“Pilates”, (notice the use of quotes)…not like any Pilates I have ever seen. But I like it, I get to count to 15 like everybody else, but I haven’t been allowed to count to 20 yet. (I’m not kidding, she skips me, in spanish, if it’s my turn to count but we are doing something w/ high reps!) The instructor is super warm and accepting of me, though she introduces me as French.


soccer pitch


This is Body-Pump. I love this class because it kicks my butt and she pushes me plus it’s whole body, so just when you might get screamed at for cheating on your ab reps, you move on to shoulders. The instructor is quite excellent, though tough. She gives me more smiles cuz I’m a “turista”, but she doesn’t know I understand spanish, when she talks about me in class. The group, as we have discovered in most of Peru, are not so friendly. I’d say about 10-15% of the people we’ve encountered are genuinely interested in us and are warm and friendly. I don’t get it some days, and some days I understand it can be exhausting being nice to a stranger from a foreign land…France.


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